TriPO Tested

TriPO vs. CycleOps testing

After gruelling months of designing and manufacturing the right shaped sensors, we finally came a couple of steps closer to our first proper prototype of our power meter.

For all those newcomers to our site: we are producing a power meter that will be placed under your cycling shoe (in a sandwich between the bottom of your shoe and cleats). That will give you fully “portable” (from bike to bike) power meter that will be Bluetooth ant ANT+ compatible.

That be said, we finally came to testing phase, where we stumbled upon a great surprise. We’ve tested (or better: co-tested) our TriPO on Cycleops PHANTOM 5 INDOOR CYCLE . If CycleOps’ claims are right (PowerTap technology provides +/- 1.5% accurate power feedback), than TriPO is on its way to cycling heaven.

As you can see in the gallery below the numbers compared between CycleOps and TriPO are pretty much the same. We started testing session at the same time so pictures below show the same power output at the same time. That gave us that “fresh wind” that we needed so that we can continue to develope a Bluetooth and ANT+ unit. At the same time we’re still looking for our angel investment or – better – co-branding partner.


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