Computer Numerical Control. We Are In Heaven.

Hello CNC, welcome to our workshop. Your name will be Cene and from now on, you are our best tool so far. Thank you and forgive us all further abuse.…

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Brainstorming and slacking off

Currenty we are doing multiple things at the same time: we are promoting Chaotic-Tock Indiegogo campaign before it starts on Aug 17th, Nejc is doing some research about new version of…

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What We Do During Weekends: Screwing Around

Beauty is hidden in the details, but not many people can find it. That’s why Chaotic-Tock has so huge gears. Usually, these elements are hidden from view, and even if…

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Kung-Fu Abracadabra Calibration

Calibration of a sensor means finding out a few parameters that are needed to convert raw readouts to actual results. A single sensor needs a few numbers. It is attached…

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The Box of Shame

Box of Shame

There is a box of shame in our workshop that contains a number of more or less (but mostly less) successful attempts at building a decent prototype of force sensor.…

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What is Knof?


About Knof Knof is a common name for our family of force sensors. All of them are small, tough, accurate, extremely simple and therefore cheap. The main advantages are: simple…

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A Lesson Learned: Elastic Vs. Bulk Modulus

It’s the little details that usually ruin everything. When some tests failed they just confirmed what I always suspected wouldn’t work but sometimes there was a totally unexpected inconvienience waiting…

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A Hardware Update: New Circuit Board

hardware chaotic tock

We are updating hardware, electronics, optimizing size, cost and reducing manufacturing time. We also added some connectors between the printed circuit board and calibration switches, in case either needs to…

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