What is Knof?


About Knof Knof is a common name for our family of force sensors. All of them are small, tough, accurate, extremely simple and therefore cheap. The main advantages are: simple…

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A Lesson Learned: Elastic Vs. Bulk Modulus

It’s the little details that usually ruin everything. When some tests failed they just confirmed what I always suspected wouldn’t work but sometimes there was a totally unexpected inconvienience waiting…

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A Hardware Update: New Circuit Board

hardware chaotic tock

We are updating hardware, electronics, optimizing size, cost and reducing manufacturing time. We also added some connectors between the printed circuit board and calibration switches, in case either needs to…

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Chaotic-Tock Testing And Conclusions

chaotic tock

It’s Testing Time! Our very first (final) Chaotic-Tock has been running since the beginning of May. It’s been a month now and we are happy to announce that there is…

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TriPO is a 3 year lasting project of Damogran Labs


Damogran Labs is a young group of people who are into new technical solutions. We and all our projects are located in the central Europe (Slovenia). Damogran Labs consists of…

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Just a Glimpse: A Video of Chaotic-Tock


Here is a quick video render to show you how sexy plexi can be!

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We just went Social

damogran labs social

At Damogran Labs we are preparing for summer with special care towards our projects. Check out our social sites with the links at the bottom.  

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