About Us

Damogran the hot; Damogran the remote; Damogran the almost totally unheard of. Damogran, secret home of the Heart of Gold.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Damogran Labs is a group of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs from Slovenia. We have been developing our projects, hearts of gold quietly for years. At some point we just decided to go online to share our knowledge, ideas and help others with the same interests.

Founded by two brothers (Nejc and Domen), our knowledge covers mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, programming, and with expanded members – design and woodworking expertise. We can make almost any idea come to life with this knowledge – as long as it is a good one!

Some serious (to invest) and not-so-serious (to see) projects can be found here, while other useful stuff can be found on our blog.

Damogran Labs: a work desk in the fury of an engineering battle.

Contact us

Reach out via GitHub , send email to info [at] damogranlabs.com or send a pigeon!