Points and Vectors

I occasionaly write scripts for geometry optimization, therefore I have to wrestle with geometry. Graphically very easy problems become Ye Royale Paine In Ye Buttocks to solve analytically. At first I wrestle with piles of points, lines, determinants, trigonometric functions and whatchamacallits. Then replace all of that with a few points and vectors. Here are […]

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Listen to the flow

An unsteady flow has, by definition, fluctuations in velocity and pressure. More often than not this results in a more or less pleasant noise. If you fear this noise could be on the less-pleasant side, you can simulate the sound and listen to it before the finished product causes Ye Royale Paine in Ye Buttocks.

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DIY Constrained Path Optimization

The Problem: Path optimization The exact origin of this problem is somewhat blurry but since I already have the solution I won’t put much effort into clarifying it. We have a particle that moves along a spatial curve, starting from point r1 with a defined velocity of v1 and ending its path at r2 with

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