Awesome Stuff In Developement!

In case no one noticed, we were very busy in the last weeks. Anyway, we were not on holidays. In the mean time, Domen finished his Master thesis, and Nejc is constantly developing interesting projects. Most of time we are improving our Knof force sensor, that will be used in our Tripo cycling power meter.  Of course there are other projects […]

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Brainstorming and slacking off

Currenty we are doing multiple things at the same time: we are promoting Chaotic-Tock Indiegogo campaign before it starts on Aug 17th, Nejc is doing some research about new version of Knof (force sensor), and Domen is tweaking electronics to make more reliable measurement. Oh, and we are laying on the beach like there is nothing in the

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Kung-Fu Abracadabra Calibration

Calibration of a sensor means finding out a few parameters that are needed to convert raw readouts to actual results. A single sensor needs a few numbers. It is attached to a high-precision-high-complexity-high-price device in a calibration laboratory and a number of measurements is made to obtain the parameters. It takes time, money, knowledge and

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What is Knof?

About Knof Knof is a common name for our family of force sensors. All of them are small, tough, accurate, extremely simple and therefore cheap. The main advantages are: simple design that requires no complex manufacturing techniques and no exotic materials small size with regard to given maximum force high overload tolerance wide range of

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