What is Knof?

About Knof

Knof is a common name for our family of force sensors. All of them are small, tough, accurate, extremely simple and therefore cheap. The main advantages are:

  • simple design that requires no complex manufacturing techniques and no exotic materials
  • small size with regard to given maximum force
  • high overload tolerance
  • wide range of measurement in both positive and negative directions
  • high accuracy even in case of incorrect mounting, force measurement in one axis only
  • the accompanying circuitry is simple and provide digital output that requires no calibration
  • some other benefits compared to other technologies: no creep, no hysteresis, no memory effect, low noise, …

How Does It Work?

Knof sensors are capacitive – inside every cell is a capacitor that deforms when force is applied and with deformation the capacitance is changed.

Unlike many conventional force measuring techniques, the capacitance of our sensors does not change linearly with force. We use a simple circuit with a microcontroller that converts measured value directly to force and communicates digitally with the outside world. Multiple sensors can be attached to a single circuit, making everything even cheaper.