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classy_blocks Tutorial Part 6: Curves

This is the 5th part of the classy_blocks tutorial. Its contents are rather advanced-ish so before you dive into it you should really know the basics first. This article is a preparation chapter for the next sort-of-serious tutorial, optimization. But First, a Pep Talk (Which you can easily skip if you’re motivated enough already) Alas, we do not

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Air assist nozzle on a laser cutter

Air Assist Nozzle for Laser Cutter

I solved the problem with burn marks on Klarart‘s laser cutter. Here is the blog post about details. At the end, I mentioned that the air assist nozzle might not be optimally shaped. Immediately I felt guilty for not backing that statement up. Here’s a quick-and-dirty CFD analysis of a wannabe ‘better’ air assist nozzle.

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