Serial Tool v3

Another – much needed – rewrite. Now installable via pip or pipx, runs on Python 3.11 and is much more maintainable. There is still a lot to do, but for now, great improvements. Source code is available on Damogran Labs GitHub account.Let me know for the bugs and other thoughts.  Buy me an ice cream. […]


MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 + Kensington trackball mouse

This is a story about how I embed Kensington trackball mouse with Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. I work as a programmer – that means 8 h/day 5 days/week I sit and stare into a screen. Although I mostly type, you can’t really avoid mouse. The problem is that I also have a severe issues

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Air assist nozzle on a laser cutter

Air Assist Nozzle for Laser Cutter

I solved the problem with burn marks on Klarart‘s laser cutter. Here is the blog post about details. At the end, I mentioned that the air assist nozzle might not be optimally shaped. Immediately I felt guilty for not backing that statement up. Here’s a quick-and-dirty CFD analysis of a wannabe ‘better’ air assist nozzle.

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Slow Chrome Remote Desktop Connection: Solved!

The Problem I’ve been using Chrome Remote Desktop quite happily for a while now. But sometimes it just wouldn’t work as expected. It would connect with no problems but then it would lag and stutter and most often, just freeze for quote a while. Or forever. But! I found and solved the problems with slow


OpenFOAM and DAKOTA: a Complete Guide

Running a single CFD simulation rarely provides enough information to find a good hydraulic or aerodynamic design of a component. In many cases the poor engineer has to wrestle an awfully long list of design parameters into a state-of-the-art shape. Luckily, OpenFOAM and DAKOTA together provide an almost ready-to-use solution just for that: Sensitivity analysis(long

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