Slow Chrome Remote Desktop Connection: Solved!

The Problem

I’ve been using Chrome Remote Desktop quite happily for a while now. But sometimes it just wouldn’t work as expected. It would connect with no problems but then it would lag and stutter and most often, just freeze for quote a while. Or forever. But! I found and solved the problems with slow Chrome Remote Desktop. And it wasn’t what I expected.

Hopefully this note-to-self can be useful to some other self.

The Culprit

Believe it or not, your CPU might be the cause of slow Chrome Remote Desktop connection. Namely, it takes some computing to compress video before it’s sent over the network. If your CPU is busy doing something else (like running a simulation of some sort), it will postpone the processing for… quite a while.

The Solution

Put the remote desktops executables higher on a priority list. Go to Details tab in task manager and set priorities of remoting* executables to High.

If you're experiencing slow Chrome Remote Desktop, try increasing the executables' priority.

For me that worked. Now I can check my simulations remotely in a matter of seconds… instead of days.


  1. Is there a way for Windows to remember this setting? I have to re-select this setting every time I reboot.

  2. Michael Blankenship

    I do not see that file in my task manager.

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