TriPO is a 3 year lasting project of Damogran Labs

Damogran Labs is a young group of people who are into new technical solutions.

We and all our projects are located in the central Europe (Slovenia). Damogran Labs consists of electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, designer and marketing/legal manager. So that makes us pretty much self-sufficient for all our projects.

The Main goal of all projects is to create affordable high-end products that can be sold to masses. Focus is on quality from designers and technical views.

For starters we have developed “designers delight” clock named Chaotic-Tock. If you just have a quick look on it, you’ll instantly get it: “Why chaotic”. But don’t let the “chaos” fool you, it is a small piece of ingenuity and a fraction of genius.

Our showpiece is a project called Knof. It’s our basepoint for TriPO.

However the best new thing that has emerged from Knof is our by far most affordable and precise cycling powermeter named TriPO.

Everything about our products and story behind them you can read Chaotic-tock and here TriPO.