Custom USB Programable Keys With STM32 + AHK

I’ve always had a burning desire to optimize stuff, and this is one of such projects. I don’t like remembering long shortcuts/sequences that I use frequently, or in other words, I don’t like feeling like a monkey doing the same shortcut 500 times (or 5 times to be precise) if there is even a slight chance some script can do it for me.
And it is, here is how.STM32 USB shortcutter buttons

I used an old cheap STM32 development board (STM32L100 Disco), which has USB interface built-in and I’ve transform it to a generic USB HID keyboard, as I’ve done it before. I’ve added a couple of buttons (7) with our free generic library and an UART for the debugging.

Each button press is (after debouncing) sent to a USB host as an almost-unique keyboard shortcut: CTR + SHIFT + F13 (to F19). This shortcut is than handled by AHK script, which can take different actions.

Why is that so GREAT?

  • Such external USB Programmable Keys can be used alongside any standard keyboard. Since user normally can’t press F13 and above keys, collisions are quite impossible.
  • No special drivers are needed except what you already get with STM tools. AHK must be downloaded manually. 
  • Buttons can be on a long cable, for example 10 meters long UTP cable in another room (at the TV sofa or audio recording room).
  • AHK scripts are powerful. You can, as a response to a button press, send simple shortcuts, shortcut sequences, trigger other scripts or take actions based on a specific application. In my case, I use this buttons to trigger VS Code tasks, or control Reaper DAW to stop/restart recording. 
  • You can customize actions it by not even touching the firmware code – just edit AHK script. However, firmware code is relatively simple and you get everything packed on our GitHub.
Get code and example on Damogran Labs GitHub!


  1. Very nice. Thanks.

  2. Your code link is broken to github

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