VS Code STM32 IDE + Keil project


Few years ago I started with Keil + STM32 dev boards. Than STM32CubeMX was released and I started using it, generating Keil project as output. This was good enough for a couple of years, until Keil free version code size limit became a problem.

Than I discovered VS Code editor and with a little effort, VS Code STM32 IDE scripts were created. This was again good enough until I worked on new projects and ignored old ones. Also, at that time, some guy came up with simmilar idea, and Keil importer script was pinned to the top of my TODO list.

The Idea

You have an old existing Keil project(s), generated with or without CubeMX. Project already have all included sources/folders, and you don’t want to re-type everything manually – this can be done by some script. What this script does is exactly that: extract Keil project data and prepare as much as it could be done automatically so ideScripts (VS Code STM32 IDE) can be used. Since Keil does not use GCC and since some settings can be too Keil-specific, importing might not be the 2 second job, and some work will probably must be done manually. But hey, it is free, and so far it worked for me and my old projects.

Get code and example on Damogran Labs GitHub!

Try it out and let us know your thoughts, comments and report any bugs.