nRF24L01+ template

Few years ago, while Labyrinth Ljubljana hardware start being developed, small and cheap nRF24L01+ RF module was used for communication between control unit and battery powered flashlight.
I found a great help for this device here, but I needed to do some modifications and this is what I would like to share with you.

What I did was basically split common nRF24L01 code and user&target (CPU) dependant code in separate files and add/fix/improve some comments and minor stuff.

To learn how nRF24L01 works, use tutorials on theirs page, they are great. Kudos to them!
Anyway, for those who wish to implement nRF24l01 device/module to your projects, either STM32 or any other vendor, you can use my library to speed up development.

Get code and example on Damogran Labs GitHub!