Cene the CNC Guide, Updated

We updated our Cene the CNC Guide with discoveries we made during our prototyping work. Among them are some that we think may spare you a few hours. Hardware and software setup, cutting parameters, …
There is just too much stuff to write all here. You should download the whole package below – it includes: 

  • Hardware setup: limit switches, tool length probe, pump switch, LED light, chip removal, motor cooling
  • Control unit: parallel port, power supply, stepper drivers and settings, weak points and possible improvements
  • Software configuration: LinuxCNC configuration
  • Other: milling harder materials, bed flattening

The package:

  • LinuxCNC configuration folder
  • Datasheet folder (including all component datasheets and PCB schematics by Vincent Delacotte)
  • Bed flattening G-code program
  • An example G-code: wooden bow tie

Download it here:

Damogran Labs Cene CNC Config Files

Or the document alone:

Damogran Labs Cene CNC Guide

Here is a short video of Cene in action:

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