dlpt – Damogran Labs Python Tools

This is just a quick shout-out to our first official Python package on PyPi: dlpt – Damogran Labs Python Tools, which was just released! This library should cover the most everyday use cases that you encounter while writing any Python project. Most of dlpt functions are basically a wrappers around built-in functions, that take care […]

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MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 + Kensington trackball mouse

This is a story about how I embed Kensington trackball mouse with Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. I work as a programmer – that means 8 h/day 5 days/week I sit and stare into a screen. Although I mostly type, you can’t really avoid mouse. The problem is that I also have a severe issues

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Air assist nozzle on a laser cutter

Air Assist Nozzle for Laser Cutter

I solved the problem with burn marks on Klarart‘s laser cutter. Here is the blog post about details. At the end, I mentioned that the air assist nozzle might not be optimally shaped. Immediately I felt guilty for not backing that statement up. Here’s a quick-and-dirty CFD analysis of a wannabe ‘better’ air assist nozzle.

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Slow Chrome Remote Desktop Connection: Solved!

The Problem I’ve been using Chrome Remote Desktop quite happily for a while now. But sometimes it just wouldn’t work as expected. It would connect with no problems but then it would lag and stutter and most often, just freeze for quote a while. Or forever. But! I found and solved the problems with slow


OpenFOAM and DAKOTA: a Complete Guide

Running a single CFD simulation rarely provides enough information to find a good hydraulic or aerodynamic design of a component. In many cases the poor engineer has to wrestle an awfully long list of design parameters into a state-of-the-art shape. Luckily, OpenFOAM and DAKOTA together provide an almost ready-to-use solution just for that: Sensitivity analysis(long

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